VISA Balance Transfer Rate is So Low, You’ll FLIP!

3.99% APR* Until the Balance is Paid in Full!


Materion Federal Credit Union is proud to announce the best VISA Balance Transfer Promotion we’ve ever had in the history of the credit union!

When you transfer balances from other credit cards (or other financial institutions) to your Materion FCU VISA Credit Card before April 30, 2013, you’ll earn a promotional rate of 3.99% APR* until that balance is paid in full.

*****Plus, we have NO BALANCE TRANSFER FEES!*******

You could save thousands of dollars when you consolidate your debt to a Materion FCU VISA card!


Already have a Materion FCU VISA card?

Simply call our Lending Department and they’ll help you transfer a balance to your Materion FCU VISA card.

Have a Materion FCU  VISA card but want to increase your limit to take advantage of this offer?

Call our Lending Department and we’ll confirm your current limit and consider an increase in your line of credit if appropriate.

Don’t have a Materion FCU VISA?

Click here to apply for a Materion FCU VISA credit card online or call us to apply over the phone!


*Annual Percentage Rate. The promotional rate of 3.99% APR applies to all balance transfer transactions beginning January 1, 2013 through April 30, 2013. Any account that qualifies for this promotion and becomes 30 days delinquent will lose this promotional rate and all remaining balances will migrate to the standard rate.  Minimum payments will be applied towards this promotional balance prior to all other balances.  Amounts in excess of the required minimum payment, however, will be applied towards the highest rate balance before the lowest rate balance. All rates and promotions are subject to change without notice.