For great price-negotiating leverage, get your Materion FCU loan pre-approved before you visit the dealer. To apply for a Materion FCU loan, you can apply online or contact the credit union.

The Pick Your Payment Auto Loan Promotion!

Our Pick Your Payment Auto Loan Promotion will let YOU pick your monthly car payment!

You Let us know how much you can afford for a monthly car payment, and we’ll give you the rate you qualify for and the term!

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Auto Loans

If you’ve been thinking about a new or used vehicle, come to your credit union first. Along with competitive rates, you’ll enjoy flexible terms up to 84 months, up to 125% financing, FREE pre-approvals, no pre-payment penalties and no application fees.

Confused by the “special offers”?  We will be happy to help you sort through your options. With Materion FCU’s incredible vehicle loan rates, we like to boast that the majority of the time, if you take the manufacturer and/or dealer rebate, and then finance your loan through us, you can save hundred’s over the life of your auto loan.

Another plus of a Materion FCU auto loan is “No pre-payment penalty.” Most, if not all, of the special offers are for a specified amount of time and if you pay-off your loan early (which includes trading in your vehicle and getting a new one during the term of your loan), there is an associated penalty fee. We want to help our members and if you can payoff a loan early or trade it in for another vehicle, that’s fine by us – we do not have pre-payment penalties. Many payment options are available including the convenient payroll deduction option.

Refinancing from another lender

Not looking to purchase or lease a new vehicle right now but you have a vehicle that’s financed elsewhere? Give us the opportunity to earn your business and let us see if we can lower your monthly payment – what is there to lose?

If you do decide to refinance your vehicle with us, rest assured there is a no hassle approach. Basically, you’ll just need to sign the loan papers! We’ll take care of paying off the old loan and transferring the title to Materion Federal Credit Union.

If you don’t decide to refinance, we only ask you to think of us first the next time you’re ready for a vehicle loan.


With approved credit, loans are made available for up to 125% of the retail value of the motorcycle. Terms are available up to 84 months making repayment affordable and easy. As with all loans, we offer a variety of repayment options for your convenience.  If you have selected the motorcycle you want to purchase apply now. Pre-approvals are also available.

Boats, RVs, and Campers

When it comes to enjoying the good life with a boat, RV, or Camper, remember we can handle all your lending needs. We offer competitive rates and terms for financing life’s fun extras.  If you have found the boat, RV, or Jet Ski of your dreams, apply now. Pre-approvals are also available.

Jet Skis, Snowmobiles, and ATVs

Materion Federal Credit Union will finance new purchases up to 125% of the purchase price, plus tax, license and service contract. Pre-owned sport vehicles can be financed up to 125% of the NADA value.  If you are ready to purchase, apply now.